Christmas decoration

little felt birds and a heart for the christmas tree

 clay little things for the Christmas tree

my gingerbread house


Girls room - desk area

Desk made from a professional based on my design, pink shelves from IKEA, custom bulettin boards, painted desk chair (addes some fringe, like it better now)

On the left wall I added two pictures to hide the plugs...what do you think??


Changed the pictures above the bed

Their fairy bathroom

 the view as you enter the room

The wall painting, the mural, the pictures and plates on the walls, the lampshade and the desk chair are made by me....If you like something, I will be happy to prepare it for you.


Pink Paradise

This is my little girls' room. I started preparing it 4 months ago, and I must say that it isn't finish yet...we are waiting my oldest girl desk...
I painted the walls, the pink stripes...

made the lighting...

the pictures and the hangers on the wall...
the green hanger and the bow holder...
,,,the mural (only the fairies are stickers...
...and painted the little shoe closit.



Girly decoupage plates

Painted and decoupaged plates
25 Euro


Girly mosaic mirrors

It is an Ikea mirror with green, pink and coloured mosaic tiles and light pink grout.
25 * 25 cm     38 Euro


Large girly mirror 45*60 cm
80 euro


Desk chair makeover

I was in the need of a desk chair for my daughter, Vicky, who is starting school tomorrow. I had this completely unattractive old chair
I sanded it a little bit and put one hand of primer
I painted it a light pink color
I cut a pillow I already had to fit

Painted some wooden letters with my daughter's name to stick on the back

 ...draw and paint roses
The front

The back
I am not happy with the upholstery project but I am planning to change the fabric to something thicker, so let it be so for the time being... My daughter loved it, and that is what matters! But if you have any idea how could I put the fabric better, let me know, please!!!


Aluminium foil canvases: tutorial

That is an easy technique, which produces beautiful art for children. You can see the pictures in my previous post here.

Material needed
  • aluminium sheet (from a stationary shop or shop with hobby stuff)
  • canvas
  • acrylic colors
  • a pair of scissors
  • sandpaper
  • sharp paper-knife
  • hot glue
  • colored ribbons or other embellishments

Step one: We choose our pattern. If the pattern is "easy", without many details for example, our work will be easy. We could choose a butterfly pattern for a start.
Step two: We draw the pattern on the aluminium sheet. If drawing is not our space, we can transfer the pattern on the sheet with carbon paper. I did it simply pushing my pen hard on the lines.

Step three: We cut carefully around the pattern.

Step four: We sandpaper the edges of the pattern and with the same light sandpaper we can do some light lines on our pattern.

Step five: With a  pronged paper knife we do dots to underline the pattern and we paint it, if we want. (I didn't haha... ).The suggested colors are glass colors or window colors. We could use colored glitter and atlacol, too.
Step six: We glue the pattern on a prepainted canvas and ... here we are!! (The canvas shown is one of my little girl's paintings :)
Some other projects with the same technique (copper sheet instead of aluminium):

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Aluminium foil canvases

Canvases painted and decorated with aluminium foil patterns and other embellishments.

little fairy and castle
35 euro
The little prince
28 euro
fairy - fairy castle
38 euro
fairy castle
32 euro